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I am a Cat - The world is my litterbox.

In America, the feline has officially replaced the canine as the most popular companion and the beloved friend of choice. More families in the USA have cats now than dogs - and the majority of families with cats have more than one feline sharing their home

I wanted a website to bring together things about me all in one place.  This is my website.  There will be lots of things here about the most important thing in the universe...namely ME. 

From times to time I will have interesting things here on Doggies and maybe other animals as well.  Be sure to visit often!

What kind of cat am I?

I am a Domestic Shorthair Cat.

The Domestic Shorthair is the same basic cat that first associated with humans thousands of years ago, making us the oldest "breed" of cat although we are not really any breed at all. The name Domestic Shorthair refers to any cat that is not a "purebred" cat.  Yet all "purebred" cats originiated from the Domestic Shorthair.

The Domestic Shorthair is also known as the Mixed Housecat or the Domestic Cat. In addition to having a wide and almost endless variety of physical characteristics, the Domestic Cat can have almost any personality type. Someone who's looking for a pet cat can pretty much find a cat that is "perfect" for him or her. Additionally, the Domestic cat can be found anywhere. These are the cats that one can rescue from an animal shelter or even adopt through a "free kittens" advertisement in the newspaper. As long as they are properly taken care of, the Domestic cat doesn't generally suffer from the same ailments that many purebred cats do.

The Domestic Shorthair (and Medium and Longhair) can include any cat that comes from two parents that are either unknown, or unpedigreed. This leads to great variety. However, for show purposes (Yes, we CAN be shown), there are ten different color divisions. They are: Solid, Solid and White, Tabby, Tabby and White, Tortoiseshell, Tortoiseshell and White, Shaded, Shaded and White, Pointed and Pointed and White. Because there are no breed standards, these cats, when being judged, are judged upon the distinctive appearance of the cat, as well as the cat's personality.

As the name would imply, the Domestic Shorthair, Mediumhair or Longhair may have short, medium or long fur. The Domestic Cat doesn't really have a size requirement, although most Domestic Cats are of medium size.


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